1. Grow with our customers
Our company has been sharing this philosophy as a starting point for all of our business activities since its formation. We believe that the creation and provision of new values based on customers' perspectives will strengthen the relationship of mutual trust between our customers and the Amada Group, and become a source of mutual development.
2. Contribute to the international community through our business 
Our company recognizes that contributing to "manufacturing" conducted by our customers throughout the world leads to the development not only of local communities, but also the international community as a whole, and we conduct our business activities with the aim of providing the highest quality of solutions in each market around the world by optimally distributing our group's management resources.
3. Develop human resources who pursue creative and challenging activities 
Rather than being content with the present situation, we are constantly in search of new and better ideas to put into action in order to improve and enhance our business activities. This is the Amada Group's basic philosophy of human resources development, and we believe that Amada's unique corporate culture will be further developed by continuing to practice this philosophy.
4. Conduct sound corporate activities based on high ethics and fairness 
We promote transparency and we comply with regulations in the Amada Group's management and in all aspects of its business activities, and strive to further enhance its corporate value while conducting sound activities.
5. Take good care of people and the earth's environment
By treating the Amada Group's stakeholders (such as shareholders, customers, business partners, employees and local residents) and the global environment with respect, we strive to continue to be a good company for both people and the earth.