All board members and employees of the Amada Group practice the following 10 articles, defined as corporate code of conduct, in all aspects of their business activities.

1. Develop Customers' Trust
Recognizing that “growth with our customers” is the starting point for our business activities, we make sure that we constantly listen to our customers' comments and create new values in order to provide products and services that satisfy the changing needs of our customers.
2. Interact with Local Communities
We promote awareness of our role as a “good corporate citizen” in contributing to the maintenance and development of a rich and wholesome society, and aim to interact with local communities. 
3. Contribution to the International Community
We respect local cultures and customs, and abide by international rules and local regulations when conducting our business activities overseas, and endeavor to contribute to the international community.
4. Compliance with Regulations
With pride and self-awareness of our position as a member of the Amada Group, we comply with all relevant laws and regulations, social rules and norms, and internal regulations, and conduct ourselves with sound common sense in all aspects of our business activities in order to gain the communities' trust
5. Establishing a Relationship of Mutual Trust with our Business Partners
While respecting fair, transparent and free competition, we work to strengthen the relationship of trust we share with our business partners by establishing business relations based on proper rules, and strive for the development of mutual growth.
6. Sound Relationships with Government and Administrations
We maintain sound and transparent relationships with government and administrations, and do not and will not conduct any unjust collusion or fraudulent activity. 
7. Response to Antisocial Forces
We do not and will not have any connection with antisocial forces or organizations, which threaten the order and safety of civil societies, and deal with unreasonable demands with a resolute attitude and without making compromises. 
8. Promotion of Communication with Communities
We communicate with our shareholders as well as communities extensively in order to fully understand their needs and expectations of our company, and conduct our activities to reflect their opinions. Additionally, as and “open company”, we disclose the required corporate information appropriately and without delay.
9. Creation of an Environment in which Employees can Achieve Personal Development and Satisfaction
We continuously make efforts to improve ourselves and to achieve personal development at our workplace by demonstrating our abilities to our full potential. 
10. Contribution to Environment Protection (Excerpt from the Amada Environmental Policy)
We promote global environment protection, resource preservation and environmental pollution prevention, and conduct its business while pursuing harmony between environmental protection activities and local communities in order to hand down a beautiful, easy-to-live-in environment to our children and grandchildren.