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  • LC-C1AJ Series

    Fiber Laser/Punch combination machine

    Debut of machine combining fiber laser and punch!
    Highly efficient process integration achieved with less energy consumption and cost!

    The laser cutting area is enclosed by a table cabin and a shutter to provide laser light shielding.

    The machine can be easily combined with peripheral units and automated to achieve a shorter total lead time.

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    HRB-ATC Series

    Press brake with AFH-ATC tools and automatic tool changer
    Tool setup time reduction solution AFH tool ATC supporting various-mix various-lot production

    Equipped with full automatic tool changer that enables skillless production

    HRB-ATC fully automates tool setup that depends on individual skills and maximizes bending productivity. In addition, the automatic angle sensor (option) provides a target angle from the first workpiece, enabling trial bend-free operation in a variety of situations.

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Fri, Jun 25, 2021
Digital laser maintenance and basic cutting condition
Place: Amada Asean Technical Center