ACIES Series

Blanking process integration solutions

Turret innovation after 40 years from NCT birth.

Corresponding to various mix, various volume production and 72 hours continuous operation.

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LC-C1NT Series

All necessary technologies are built into the LC-C1 series. Quick set-up functions release the operator from complicated and time consuming setups, allowing for superior productivity.
The LC-C1 achieves high accuracy and high quality through process integration, such as the high speed changeover between laser cutting and punching, unique forming and tapping functions combined with energy saving systems.
In addition, the compact size of the machine will utilise limited space more effectively.

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EML-NT Series

The next generation of punch/laser technology, the EML-NT, combines the high punching speed and forming flexibility of the innovative Electric Motor (EM) turret punch press with the unlimited shape cutting capabilities of a laser. This results in a machine that requires minimum setups and affords extremely quick turnarounds, making it ideal for the high production of short-run sheet metal parts, particularly those that incorporate forming or have many holes.

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