•      Machines to perform punching operations, such as opening and cutting round, square and variously shaped holes in thin sheets of metal (sheet metal). Cutting components for punching and cutting holes are referred to as toolings.

  •      Machines to open holes and cut or weld thin sheets of metal (sheet metal) using a laser beam. Carbon dioxide lasers are often used for opening holes and cutting. For welding, on the other hand, YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet) crystals are used (please refer to our Welding page).

  • Punch and Laser combination machine.
    The machine is capable not only for cutting and piercing of sheet-metal but also, the forming such as extrusion and tapping that were done by other machineries.

  • Machines for bending thin sheets of metal (sheet metal) between an upper and lower tooling. Also referred to as press brakes.

  • Welding is a process used to join metals. Welding can be roughly divided into three types: fusion welding, pressure welding and brazing and soldering.

  • Machines for cutting sheets of metal (sheet metal) into desired sizes.