Working Day & Benefit

Working Days & Hours

Working Days                Monday - Friday

Working Hours               08.30 - 17.15 hrs.



  1. A.I.A. Life & Health Insurance                      
  2. Annual Body Check-up
  3. Apartment Deposit Fee                                
  4. Business Trip Allowance (Local  & Overseas)
  5. Overtime Payment (Except staffs in Sales Department)
  6. Overseas Business Trip and/or Overseas Training (for departments related in dealing with customer and machine)
  7. Company’s Car for Service Department
  8. Car Depreciation Fee for Staffs in Sales, Service and Consult Departments
  9. Marriage Leave – with Congratulation Fee
  10. Paid Holiday Leave for Funeral Ceremony of Father, Mother, Spouse, Son/Daughter – with Condolence Fee
  11. Priesthood Leave (for staffs with service year of 2 years upwards)
  12. Annual Vacation Leave of 10 – 20 days (base on number of service years)
  13. Public Holidays
  14. Annual Salary Base Up
  15. Annual Bonus (base on company’s annual profit)
  16. Provident Fund
  17. Annual Trip
  18. New Year’s Staff Party