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คุณสุนทร เกียรติกำจรวงศ์, SENIOR ENGINEER

บริษัท มิตซูบิชิ เฮฟวี่ อินดัสตรี่ส์-มหาจักร แอร ์คอนดิชั่นเนอร์ส จำกัด

Highlight Product

  • EM-2510MII

    NEW! The next generation of the cutting edge EM Series turret punch press. Utilising power saving electric servo drives, this innovative machine combines high speed production, impressive reliability and numerous cost and process improvements.



    NEW! Fiber laser cutting machine

    Energy saving, v-lot production, wide range fiber laser machine with process range expansion!

    ENSIS-3015AJ is equipped with AMADA’s own developed fiber laser oscillator and the latest unique beam control technology for maximizing energy efficiency, while supporting higher efficiency in v-mix v-lot production.

  • HG-8025

    NEW! As a market leader in the sheet metal industry and with a long history of producing innovative and reliable press brake machines, the new HG range is eagerly anticipated. Featuring a patented hybrid drive system and a new ‘Smartphone style' 3D control unit, the HG is the fastest and most accurate press brake within the Amada range.



    NEW! Introducing a new option within the Amada fibre laser range; the FLC- AJ. Fibre technology from the diode to the workpiece, both machine and beam source are developed by AMADA, providing perfectly synchronised components for optimum performance.